Jonkoping and Stockholm: The Good, the Bad and the even Worse

So we finally made it to Jonkoping Central where we had to work out where our bus stop was to take us to the campsite. Luckily for us, the campsite owners had given us directions when we were communicating with them over email.
Once we were off the bus, we realised we had been dropped off on the edge of a 100km\hr speed limit highway in the middle of no where. However the campsite owner was right, you can see the signs for ‘Habo Camping’ from the bus stop. So, after an eery walk down a lane sourrounded by big pine trees, we made it! Alfie’s first camping trip experience had started.

Once we had checked In, we set up the tent (quite quickly and efficiently I must say) and attempted to set up the gas burner. To check I was doing this right, I facetimed my parents for reassurance….We then realised we’d not packed anything to light the burner with…! Luckily the campsite office were selling some nice lighters with a moose on and ‘SWEDEN’. When we finally lit the burner, we then remembered we didn’t have anything to drain the water from the pasta with so we had to gently pour the water out of the cooking container (without losing our valuable pasta). Unfortunately, the tinned meatballs we had bought at the station in Gothenburg were disgusting so we needed a Belvita cookie afterwards to get rid of the taste.

We then spent the evening sat in the wifi zone whilst Alfie uploaded his YouTube video (links at the end). The temperature did suddenly drop though so we decided to call it a night. Despite this, I don’t really recall sleeping much as I couldn’t get warm or comfortable…Mum and Dad’s caravan is definitely more my thing!

In the morning we went and collected some bread rolls we had ordered the previous day and ate them for breakfast. They were absolutely lovely! We decided, after realising how much walking we had done on previous days and how far it was into Jonkoping Centre, that we would just visit one of the beaches at Lake Vattern (Sweden’s 2nd biggest lake). The sun was shining and the views over the lake were absolutely beautiful!

When we got back we showered, realised we’ve somehow lost our shampoo (possibly in Gothenburg – How did we even manage that??🤔) and napped….accidentally! 

After a piece of flapjack, we headed over to the wifi zone where we ate Magnum ice creams and researched places we could stay in Oslo because camping life, we decided, is not for us (mainly me)! This was followed by more pasta, however we decided the pasta sauce we’d bought definitely needed more seasoning (not that we’re fussy or anything…).

In the evening, once again we headed to the wifi zone so that Alfie could edit another video! However once again it got very cold (16 degrees but I promise it felt colder) and so we headed back to the tent and got into our sleeping bags to warm up! Once again I don’t recall sleeping much but I must have done really!

This morning we woke up nice and early and packed up ready to catch the 9:25am bus into Jonkoping. We paid our debts to the campsite and then caught the bus followed by our first train of the day, to Nässjö. After half an hour on this train, we got off, and caught the next train taking us to Stockholm, where I managed to fit in a few mini naps on the train (camping cleary took it out of me).

We finally arrived in Stockholm where we had the difficult task of finding our boat hotel/hostel (M/S Birger Jarl) through all the building and road works going on! When we reached the boat there was a huge check-in queue due to only having one member of staff working as well as having to deal with a power cut. Finally Alfie got us our swipe cards for our room…where they’d only gone and given us the wrong room. It was supposed to be a twin room, but it had one bed and a sink (tripadviser reviews had said this would happen – we should have listened). So, of course we went and complained, and despite having paid for a twin room with communal/shared bathrooms, we now have a twin ensuite room with no window (really not as nice as it sounds).

We left our stuff in the room and decided to explore and find the rooftop deck Sky Bar. This was pretty easy to find by following the sound of music through the boat. Alfie ordered a beer and I suitably ordered a Koppaberg, and we sat listening to the DJ in the sun, watching a lot of very drunk middle aged people dancing at 5 in the afternoon.

This evening we decided to head into Stockholm Old Town and find dinner. We managed to find an Italian restaurant called Michaelangelos, where we both ate pizzas. 

After realising how bad our hostel is, and knowing we are supposed to come back here later in the month, but for 6 nights, we are now trying to frantically find a better place for us to stay next time! 2 nights is definitely long enough in a room without a window!

Alfie’s Travel Videos:


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