Helsinki and Oulu = More coffee!☕️

On Wednesday, we woke up, showered and headed out into Helsinki once again. The first place we visited was the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral – it was absoluetely beautiful! The inside didn’t have any pews, but it was covered in candles and religious artwork!

We left there and wondered around by the waters edge into a different area of Helsinki…although we’re not really sure where we were. All we know is that there was nothing of interest there! We then walked back through the outdoor market and explored more of Helsinki. It started to rain, so just off Senate Square, we found a cute little cafe tucked away, that was reasonably cheap; I ordered a hot chocolate and Alfie ordered an Argentinian Mocha…It’s safe to say we both thoroughly enjoyed them and they’d disappeared in no time at all! 

Once we’d left the cafe, we headed to a supermarket and bought finnish pastries to snack on then, and snakcs for later on with dinner. When we got back to the apartment, we chilled watching the TV (notice a pattern here through these posts?), had dinner and decided to sleep. 

On our final day in Helsinki, we started the day off by visiting the ‘Temppeliaukio Church’ (aka the Rock Church). This is a round church that has been built into the ground, and it was absolutely beautiful! The atmosphere was also added to as there was a pianist playing during our time in the church! 

We left here and once again it decided to rain…Despite this, we carried on and decided to head back to the same cafe as the day before (we just liked it that much!). Once again I ordered a hot chocolate because it was so good, whilst Alfie ordered a standard mocha. Once again, they were delicious! After leaving there, we headed to the supermarket and bought more food for our overnight bus journey, and then went back to the apartment to pack. The host had been kind enough to let us have a 5pm checkout because of our late departure from Helsinki; this meant we didn’t have to carry our bags around with us all day!

We went and packed up, made sure we had everything (we really are trying to avoid leaving anymore folders or shampoo anywhere) and ‘checked out’, before heading to Espresso House (another coffee shop…) to pass the time before finding dinner.  

After spending a good hour or two in Espresso House, we went to McDonalds and had dinner there…It was the cheapest option! We managed to kill a good few hours in there, which meant we had less time to then wait around outside. However, we then had to find where our bus was due in the bus station. We must have walked up and down the bus station’s different floors about 4 times, until eventually we found the correct place!

Our bus turned up, and at 11:59 we started our long over night journey to Oulu…a place we knew nothing about!

When we arrived in Oulu at 8 something in the morning, we then had the difficult task of finding our next AirBnb…however it was further out of the city than we thought! After a 30 minute walk we finally found it! When we arrived, our host met us out the front of his ground floor apartment and showed us around his place. However, there was a slight language barrier, as he didn’t speak or understand much English!

We napped for a few hours and then our host brought us in our clean bedding that he had provided…Children’s football and cat bedding…! We watched some Catfish (we clearly love our American TV) and then walked to the local supermarket to get dinner. When we got back, we wanted to cook our pizza and garlic bread, however the host had a friend round so we waited for them to finish in the kitchen rather than interrupting them!

We finally made dinner, and realised, that although the host lives in this house, his kitchen is absolutely bare, with only the bare minimum utensils available! After eating our food (which luckily didn’t need to be eaten with knives and forks), we watched ‘Death in Paradise’ before having a long sleep! 

We woke up this morning, and went into Oulu…which much to our delight was a 40 minute long walk! The first thing we did was head to a market and an indoor food market where we we went to a cafe (once again), where I ordered another hot chocolate and Alfie ordered an espresso macchiato…once again they were delightful! On the way here, we got a message from our AirBnb host saying that he had gone to his native home in Russia so we would have the place to ourselves…Needless to say we were a bit shocked as we’d seen him that morning and he had not said a word! After our coffee we did some exploring, and managed to get ourselves onto another island which featured a castle ruin and a stadium. 

We chilled for a while and then decide to head to Lidl and pick up dinner and some finnish pastries, and then to head back to the flat! 

We are now about to eat a Macaroni al forno dish with garlic bread…Hopefully we have enough utensils for this one! 

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2 thoughts on “Helsinki and Oulu = More coffee!☕️”

    1. We were supposed to stay at the Nallikari campsite, but we realised how far away it was from the centre and we had a very early bus to catch out of Oulu so it would not have been feasible! So unfortunately we missed out on seeing the beach, which we were disappointed about!

      Thank you!

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