Goodbye Copenhagen, Hello Gothenburg

So our final day in Copenhagen was a quiet one. After spending the morning with our Airbnb host; chatting about camping, and people being pushed down stairs…we headed into Copenhagen on the bus for the final time (๐Ÿ˜ช)…with an added extra gift of rain.When we reached Copenhagen we found a quiet coffee shop (Espresso House), which specialised in organic ingredients, and ordered a mocha and cappuccino whilst Alfie edited his first travel video for YouTube (Link available later tonight ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿผ ).

Somehow for lunch we ended up back at Torvehallerne eating Croque-Monsieur which, despite being French and not Danish, was absolutely deicious!

From here we ended up in Denmark’s equivalent of the outdoor store “Field and Trek” to collect a gas cannister for our burner (which we have borrowed from my Dad for whilst we are camping). The shop assisstant was really friendly, and was even telling us that he’d just been to the Lake District and Manchester…however, he somehow managed to get lost and ended up in Liverpool instead!

We then found a souvenir store (typical tourists ๐Ÿ™„) where Alfie bought a post card for his placement school for next year. He aims to collect one from every place we go to.

Sadly, it was then time for us to take the bus out of Copenhagen and into Gothenburg! 

After a smooth bus journey we arrived at 9:55pm at Gothenburg Central, where our next AirBnb host was kindly waiting for us. She chatted to us and pointed key locations out whilst we waited for the local bus to take us to her flat. When we finally reached her apartment, she gave us a map and a list of things to do which was really useful! She then left…and we soon realised that she had no working TV signal or Wifi…so we went to bed.

This morning we got a bus (for free) into Gothenburg, where our first mission was to find Haga. Haga is known for it’s one street that has lots of cafes on it, mostly all selling coffee’s and cinammon buns. However, with heavy rucksacks, this seemed very far away! We were relieved once we finally arrived and could stop for a drink and some food. Despite Haga’s tourist attraction being the cinammon buns, we opted for a hot chocolate, espresso mocha and a slice of brownie. The brownie wasn’t what we would typically call a brownie…it was essentially chocolate cake with a thick fudge frosting on, but it was delicious!

On the way back into the centre we walked through a park along the waters edge, and decided to stop for half hour or so to rest our shoulders, take in the sun and to call my mum which was really nice to do.

We then continued on to find a beautiful area of water, boats and park land, before trying to find a supermarket to buy food for dinner. However, unlike UK cities which have a small superkmarket store, like Tesco Express or Sainsburys, Gothenburg didn’t appear to have a single small supermarket, only cafes! Once we reached the train station, as well as eating Pringles that we already had with us, we managed to buy some macaroni pasta and tinned meatballs for dinner as well as a fresh hot dog each to eat whilst we waited for our train.

As I write this we are travelling to Jonkoping on the train, past typical swedish views of big lakes and beautiful woodlands, overall making up a beautiful scenic view!

48 hours in Copenhagen

โ€‹Greetings from Copenhagen! (it sounds like I’m about to give the UK nil points from Denmark…!). 

After months of waiting, ‘The Grand Tour’ finally started with us safely arriving in Copenhagen Airport! We got our luggage and somehow managed to work out how to use the ticket machine to buy  metro tickets in order to get to the centre of Copenhagen. However, despite getting instructions from our AirBnb host on how to get to his place in Gentofte, we still managed to get ourselves lost…๐Ÿ˜Œ! We got the metro in the wrong direction (even after speaking to a friendly and helpful member of security staff in the train station who gave us directions and showed us how to buy tickets). Once we got on the metro which took us in the wrong direction, we realised we couldn’t turn around and get back to Copenhagen centre because of rail works! So…. we had to ask some MORE people for help! They told us to get a free bus to a place called Hellerup, and then get a train to Gentofte. 

Eventually, after a further 2 mile walk and a climb up 4 flights of stairs in the wrong building, we made it to the AirBnb! Needless to say we were exhausted! However our AirBnb host was really nice and welcoming!

After sorting ourselves out, we got a bus into Copenhagen centre (the correct one this time). The first thing we found was a really cool street food market called ‘Torvehallerne’ tucked around a corner in Norrebro, selling all sorts of foods, coffees and pastries. We then headed to Nyhaven, a must see in Copenhagen! It was absolutely beautiful and we would recommend it to anyone visiting Copenhagen; with it’s colourful buildings, al fresco dining (where all the restaurants supply blankets!!) and the peaceful street drinking. While in Nyhaven, we even saw the Japanese Prime Minister in his car with police escorts (someone thought it was Donald Trump)! 

After some more exploration, we decided to call it a day.

For dinner we decided it was easier to just buy pizzas from Aldi and have a quiet evening in the AirBnb. Although, despite being a geography student, on our way back, I did manage to get us lost trying to find the bus stop…definitely not my smartest moment! So after walking 12 miles in total, and eating 3 pizzas between us, it was definitely bed time!

So Day 2…we got the correct bus again today (miracle!) to Norrebro. We decided to go back to Torvehallerne and ordered coffees and mini pastries (they were absolutely adorable)! However, Alfie thought he had ordered a Chocolate roule pastry, but was left disappointed when he bit into it and realised it was date and cherry….๐Ÿ˜‚. Turns out they had labelled the pastries wrong (he didnt find it too funny)…! 

By recomendation of my grandma (and her threat to Alfie telling him to take me there…), we decided to find ‘The Little Mermaid’. On the way to ‘The Little Mermaid’, we found a park called Rosenborg Castle Gardens which featured a beautiful castle and a Hans Christian Andersen statue… well as lots of topless men and women in bikinis despite the weather not being particulary hot! Whilst I was taking photos of the statue, a foreign guy asked me where the Hans Chrisitan Andersen burial is, so I must either look Danish or full of knowledge! 

We left these gardens and discovered the Royal Palace which was absolutely beautiful and surrounded by tourists! I did question why cars were allowed so close to the palace; although I wasnt complaining too much as one of them was a red Ferrari! Opposite was Amaliehaven, a really small but beautiful garden, featuring a big waterfall by the waterside. 

Carrying on we found the Gefion Fountain, the largest monument in Copenhagen, followed by ‘The Little Mermaid’ itself, surrounded by way too many tourists. I must admit, despite now being able to say I’ve seen it, it wasn’t quite as special as I expected it to be. After stopping for a picnic in the sun on our way back to the city centre, we sat and had a drink (an expensive one) at the Royal Theatre, where we sat on deck chairs by the water looking out over the Copenhagen Opera House.

 From there we headed to Freetown Christiania. However, we decided this wasn’t the right place for us! After we realised it was known for it’s selling of weed, and a worker warning Alfie not to film anything as some of the other workers would get angry (incase any selling of cannabis was seen), we swiftly left. 

After, we found a square that had some Jazz musicians playing as part of the Jazz music festival, so we sat and took in the atmosphere whilst Alfie rested a painful foot. From here we found dinner in a nice restaurant and were served by a smiley, friendly woman…confirming to us why Denmark is one of the happiest countries! The meal even worked out super cheap as we hadn’t realised it was 2 for 1 on meals on a Tuesday! 

Getting the bus back to our AirBnb, the bus driver lady thought that 32 DK (danish kroner) was 72 due to a language barrier buying our bus tickets, however was very apologetic about it when she realised her mistake. 

Once again our day has ended watching English and American TV ready for our journey to Gothenburg tomorrow evening. (Written 11th July)

The Start

Hi and welcome to the ‘This Way To Adventure’ blog!

I have decided to start this blog ready for my Summer adventures with my boyfriend, Alfie.

The whole idea came about when my original dissertation plan got thrown out of the window, and so I had a brain-wave that I could link my dissertation to my travels. From this it was decided that, in order to compare my travels to other travel books, it would be beneficial to write my experiences and adventures down on paper during the time we are away. This was when I decided, that in order for my family and friends to follow where we are as well, I could publish these experiences as a blog. Thus, This Way To Adventure began!

We embark on our grand tour (as my Dad has suitably named it) on the 10th July: starting in Copenhagen! From there we travel around Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, working our way back to Copenhagen ready to fly out to Malta. In Malta we will be teaching with an English immersion camp called Angloville for 10 days. From Malta we will be flying to Gdansk, in Poland, where we will meet up with some friends for a few days before all flying back to the UK.

During the next couple of months keep an eye on this blog for new posts every few days and on mine and Alfie’s  Instagram’s (@nwilttravel and @travelwithalfie) for hopefully daily photos, internet permitting of course!

I hope you enjoy following our adventures as much as we will enjoy being on them!