Stockholm: Round 2 – part 1!

We decided that in Stockholm it was best to buy an SL Access Card and pay for a 7 day pass to be added to the card, as we were well aware that we were going to have to get the metro into the city every day; so for 335 SEK (32.17 – incuding 20 SEK for the Access Card that can be topped up again in the next 3 years) we were free to use the Stockholm SL transport! I would recomend this pass to anyone visiting Stockholm, even for just a short time as they offer different length passes, whether it be 24 hours or 7 days!

After buying our pass, we got the T18 metro line to our next AirBnb hosts place! We managed to find their flat, and the host showed us around, even telling us that he’d provided us with a few basic bits of food for breakfast (we were very grateful!)! He then told us he was leaving for a couple of hours and would then be leaving for potentially the duration of our stay, to visit his mother, son and dog elsewhere. 

We decided to nap as we hadn’t slept properly for 24 hours or something horrible! Luckily we had already picked up food for dinner when we were in Umea, so when we woke up, all we had to do was cook the food. We had pasta and then decided to head to bed to rest up ready for the following days explorations.

So day 1 back in Stockholm: We found out there was a free festival called Putte I Parken, hosting some of Sweden’s popular music talents, so we decided to drop by and see what it had to offer. By the time we’d woken up and got into Stockholm, we managed to catch a duo called “Good Harvest” and we were not disappointed! Taking their inspiration from the likes of Joni Mitchel, they had a sort of Simon and Garfunkel and First Aid Kit vibe, with beautiful harmonies and a folk sort of sound – as you can tell, I was very impressed (I would definitely recomend giving them a listen – link at the bottom!).

When they had finished, we left and headed back to the flat, with very much the intentions of going back to the festival in the evening for Friday nights headline band. However, when we got back we gave the band a listen, and decided we were not interested. Instead, we had dinner and decided to call it a night after watching a bit of TV. 

On Saturday, after another relaxed morning, we managed to join a Free Walking Tour Group around Gamla Stan. I would definitely usually reccomend free walking tours in cities as they are really interesting and give a good brief insight walking around; however, there were so many people on this one that most of the time we couldn’t hear what the tour guide was saying! In the end we decided to leave the group and go souvenir hunting and ice cream eating (I thoroughly recomend marzipan, texan fudge, or hazelnut bueno ice creams)! 

Once again we came back to the flat, ate dinner, watched TV and slept…As you can tell, our evenings are very exciting! 

So Sunday, we decided to visit the ABBA Museum!! (much to Alfie’s delight…)! To do this, we had to get the metro to T-Centrum, another metro to Kungsträdgården, and then a tram to Gröna Lund! We arrived, had no trouble paying to get In, and then had to find the actual museum entrance within, which was hard when there was a big German tour group trying to sort their audio guides out! When we finally managed to get in, both of us were extremely happy to see the Eurovision museum area first! This featured lots of contestant and winners costumes (including Johnny Logan, Lena, Bobby Socks and Lordi and Måns Zelmerlöw), a karaoke area, lots of video and sound clips and an interactive quiz! We did give the quiz a go, and I feel like we did fairly well considering our ages! Then came the ABBA museum!

In the ABBA museum (which they needed to sign post slightly better, as we went in by the wrong entrance), there were lots of costumes, original items, interactive quizzes and activities, a stage people could dance/sing on, dress up areas and dance floors! It’s fair to say my mum would have loved it even more than I did! It is definitely a must-see in Stockholm! In the gift shop, I decided to buy a small gift and souvenir to take home for the family (mum mainly of course). I did search for items with the song title ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’ because that song makes Mum and I cry every single time we hear it, however at no prevail, I ended up buying something else instead (sorry, that’s a surprise for my parents!)! 

When we left, we went for a wonder around, and found Djurgården, so we decided to go back the next day! We then took a scenic walk along the waters edge, before stopping for a nice ice cream (with toffee sauce on, of course!) sat by the water! After this short break we decided to get the metro back to the flat and call it a day. 

Monday, we had breakfast, and made a picnic before heading back out to Djurgården again. Here, we had a picnic overlooking the water and boats. We then went for a walk around Djurgården: however, there’s not much to see unless you visit Skansen or the various museums! So we decided to head back to Gamla Stan and pick up some souvenirs and a drink. My parents will be delighted to know that I bought a mini Swedish stein, and a soft toy moose…I couldn’t resist it! We then went for a drink (an expensive one)…I asked for a cocktail and I swear it was more rum than anything else! 

We have now spent the evening with Alfie editing videos (he is creating a mini series called ‘7 Things to Do in Stockholm – I will link part 1 below), whilst watching the TV, before our last full day in Stockholm of our travels begins tomorrow!

Good Harvest:

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