Oslo – A tiny piece of Norway

On our second full day in Oslo, we decided it best to buy a 24 hour travel pass, because we had decided to visit the Fram museum (on the recommendations of my Dad and TripAdvisor). The travel pass would enable us to get the bus all the way to the other side of Oslo to the doors of the museum without paying the ridiculous prices the driver would charge (55NOK for a single trip…you must be joking!). 

We arrived at the Fram museum and noticed that a student ticket was 40NOK compared to the 100NOK Adults ticket; so we decided to see if they would let us have student tickets using my ISIC (International Student Identity Card) and Alfie’s University of Worcester pass…Sure enough they did, so we managed to save 60NOK each!! The museum was really quite fascinating, and a geography students heaven (lucky me, not so lucky Alfie), discussing glaciers and climate change as well as the Fram ship (which you can go on and inside). However, we both thoroughly enjoyed it, and very much enjoyed their informative film. It is definitely somewhere I would recommend to anyone visiting that area of Norway! 

We decided, due to absolutely awful rain, to head back to Grünerløkka and get a drink before calling it a day. We found a small cafe and ordered a hot chocolate and a mocha…little did we know, the drinks would be given to us in what was essentially a bowl! However, the drinks we’re absolutely heavenly..I feel like we are very good at choosing our Scandinavian coffee shops! After buying some food for dinner, we then headed back to the apartment and called it a day. 

The next morning, we woke up early as we had decided tot visit the ski jump and museum at Holmenkollen and knew that it could potentially be busy on a Saturday. We got the bus to the city centre and then got the metro to Holmenkollen. It was then a bit of a walk up a steep hill to get to the museum and ski jump, however we finally made it! It was absolutely fascinating and we enjoyed the interactivity of the museum. Although, we did think they were not providing as many resources for international tourists (other than British), unlike the Fram museum who had language screens everywhere for multiple languages. Despite this, we really enjoyed it and found the views from the top of the towear were magnificent. It’s definitely worth a visit, however it is not the easiest of attractions to get to. 

It started to rain (again!) whilst we were at Holmenkollen so when we got the metro back to the city centre, we decided to go for a meal as we still had plenty of NOK left. We went to a beef/steak house, that was reasonably cheap and is a well known brand in Scandinavia. Both of us really enjoyed what we had, especially for the price we had. We left there, and decided to go to a supermarket to buy some cakes for later in the day after our dinner, as well as buying some bread for dinner. We headed back to the apartment and sat on the balcony resting before making dinner and our sandwiches for our bus journey the next day, packed and tidied up. After packing and eating, we decided to watch some TV and then call it a day as we knew we had to be up early.

This morning we got up at 7:30, showered, ate breakfast and then left to catch the bus into the city. When we got into the city we had a drink in Espresso House, and then went and waited for our bus back to Copenhagen. We enjoyed our time in Oslo, especially getting to explore some museums, but we definitely feel like we need to see other areas of Norway like Voss and Bergen to appreciate Norway’s beauty, which we didn’t feel here in Oslo. 

We are now on our bus to Copenhagen, which has screens on the chairs in front, with access to films, music, tv etc. (it’s like being on a long haul airplane!) and even free hot drinks! I’ve even managed to watch ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ (I promise I’m 20, not 10)! Once in Copenhagen we have a hostel/hotel booked for the night before our flight out to Malta Monday night! We are sad to be leaving Scandinavia so soon, but are looking forward to our next adventure in Malta! 

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Stockholm (Round 2: Part 2) and Oslo!

So on Tuesday we decided to check out the metro station’s as they feature some amazing artefacts, art work and underground treasures that you wouldn’t expect to find – it even features a ceiling painted like a piano above the travelator! Surprisingly, TripAdvisor lists it as one of it’s things to see and do, and it even features as a whole organised Free Walking Tour(although you would need to buy a metro pass/ticket)! The subway system itself is said to be the world’s longest art exhibition, with over 90 of the 100 subway stations being decorated! We mainly focused on Kungsträdgården which looks like an archeological excavation, and includes the remains of Stockholm Makalös Palace. -Keep an eye out for Alfie’s YouTube video about ‘Kungsträdgården’ to see some highlights of our trip! 

When we’d finished in the metro stations, we headed to Gamla Stan to find somewhere to have lunch; as we decided it would be nice to have a meal out on our last full day in Stockholm and even Sweden! However, on the way we stumbled across the changing of the guards ceremony, which occurs every day at 12 noon. In Stockholm this is a huge thing with all the new guards riding horses and even the brass band were on horse-back (I admire them for playing a trumpet and staying on a moving horse)! We followed them through into the square of the Royal Palace and watched the parade, amongst thousands of eager tourist spectators with selfie sticks! – Alfie’s ‘Changing of the Guard’ video will be posted in the next few days on his channel, so keep an eye out! 

We found a restaurant in ‘Järntorget’ (The Iron Square), where their ‘Today’s Specials’ seemed reasonably priced. We both ordered a lasagne, whilst Alfie drank a beer, and I drank the locals favourite ‘Aperol Spritz’. We’d noticed everyone drinking these during our time in Sweden and Finland so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. After a bit of research (thanks Google), I found out it is a wine-based cocktail, made out of Prosecco, Aperol and Soda Water. It happens to mainly be drunk as an aperitif in Italy: however, the Scandinavians have really grown to love it! Our dinner was absolutely delicious, although possibly too small for the price!

We then decided to go for a walk around and find something for pudding! We ended up in a small, quiet little sweet/ice cream shop, that was also very cheap! I ordered a lemon curd ice cream scoop and a scoop of chocolate ice cream…they were absolutely heavenly – England definitely needs to up it’s ice cream game! We then decided to head back to the AirBnb and sort our things out ready for our departure Wednesday morning!

So Wednesday, we spend a lot of the day on a train heading to Oslo! We accidentally ended up spending most of the journey watching Gordon Ramsey’s Costa Del Nightmares, which kept us thoroughly entertained! The train was actually a very pleasant one, with plenty of leg room, internet, electricity points and rather nice toilets! 

Eventually we arrived in Oslo! We then managed to get lost trying to find the bus to our next AirBnb host. Really we didn’t have to get the bus, but it would have been a half hour walk with extremely heavy bags, so a bus was definitely preferable! However, we finally found the bus, and made it to our AirBnb!

The host greeted us and showed us our room and where everything is. Their place is absolutely beautiful and so clean…and our room even has a balcony!! We then went and bought food for dinner and cooked, at past 9pm! We were definitely then ready for bed.

Today, we had some breakfast (sat on our balcony in the sun…) and then headed out to explore what Oslo has to offer! We firstly decided to check out the area surrounding our AirBnb, Grünerløkka. It is known as the hipster/vintage/bohemian area and we could definitely see why! There are lots of vintage boutiques, coffee shops, graffiti/street art, and even a huge chandelier is hanging outside of the nightclub Blå! We decided to stop for a drink, and chose a retro coffee house. Inside every wall was covered in retro and vintage signs, as well as old items! I ordered a peppermint chocolate milkshake, whilst Alfie had an ice latte, which definitely had plenty of coffee in it!

When we left there, we decided to find the main centre of Oslo and the waterside area. We walked through the old town and found the Akershus Fortress. This Provided us with some beautiful views of the surrounding islands and fjords, as well as of a huge cruise ship! After spending some time wandering the grounds, we decided to head into the main centre.

It started to rain quite heavily, so we dived into a shopping centre and explored what they had to offer, before jumping into a second shopping centre! In the second one, we found a supermarket that had some beautiful bakery goods, so we decided to buy some; and as a bonus it was 3 for 35NOK! We ate our cake/doughnut and then decided to call it a day. On the way back to the apartment, it decided to absolutely bucket it down with rain, which wasn’t ideal! We managed to stop off in a supermarket and buy some food for dinner, and also managed to chat to the guy serving us at the checkout, who asked us all about our travels!  

We have now met the host’s boyfriend, whom she lives with and he chatted to us about our day and what we plan to do in Stockholm. We have now had dinner and will probably watch something before we head to bed ready for the next few busy days in Oslo!!

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The Start

Hi and welcome to the ‘This Way To Adventure’ blog!

I have decided to start this blog ready for my Summer adventures with my boyfriend, Alfie.

The whole idea came about when my original dissertation plan got thrown out of the window, and so I had a brain-wave that I could link my dissertation to my travels. From this it was decided that, in order to compare my travels to other travel books, it would be beneficial to write my experiences and adventures down on paper during the time we are away. This was when I decided, that in order for my family and friends to follow where we are as well, I could publish these experiences as a blog. Thus, This Way To Adventure began!

We embark on our grand tour (as my Dad has suitably named it) on the 10th July: starting in Copenhagen! From there we travel around Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, working our way back to Copenhagen ready to fly out to Malta. In Malta we will be teaching with an English immersion camp called Angloville for 10 days. From Malta we will be flying to Gdansk, in Poland, where we will meet up with some friends for a few days before all flying back to the UK.

During the next couple of months keep an eye on this blog for new posts every few days and on mine and Alfie’s  Instagram’s (@nwilttravel and @travelwithalfie) for hopefully daily photos, internet permitting of course!

I hope you enjoy following our adventures as much as we will enjoy being on them!