Oslo – A tiny piece of Norway

On our second full day in Oslo, we decided it best to buy a 24 hour travel pass, because we had decided to visit the Fram museum (on the recommendations of my Dad and TripAdvisor). The travel pass would enable us to get the bus all the way to the other side of Oslo to the doors of the museum without paying the ridiculous prices the driver would charge (55NOK for a single trip…you must be joking!). 

We arrived at the Fram museum and noticed that a student ticket was 40NOK compared to the 100NOK Adults ticket; so we decided to see if they would let us have student tickets using my ISIC (International Student Identity Card) and Alfie’s University of Worcester pass…Sure enough they did, so we managed to save 60NOK each!! The museum was really quite fascinating, and a geography students heaven (lucky me, not so lucky Alfie), discussing glaciers and climate change as well as the Fram ship (which you can go on and inside). However, we both thoroughly enjoyed it, and very much enjoyed their informative film. It is definitely somewhere I would recommend to anyone visiting that area of Norway! 

We decided, due to absolutely awful rain, to head back to Grünerløkka and get a drink before calling it a day. We found a small cafe and ordered a hot chocolate and a mocha…little did we know, the drinks would be given to us in what was essentially a bowl! However, the drinks we’re absolutely heavenly..I feel like we are very good at choosing our Scandinavian coffee shops! After buying some food for dinner, we then headed back to the apartment and called it a day. 

The next morning, we woke up early as we had decided tot visit the ski jump and museum at Holmenkollen and knew that it could potentially be busy on a Saturday. We got the bus to the city centre and then got the metro to Holmenkollen. It was then a bit of a walk up a steep hill to get to the museum and ski jump, however we finally made it! It was absolutely fascinating and we enjoyed the interactivity of the museum. Although, we did think they were not providing as many resources for international tourists (other than British), unlike the Fram museum who had language screens everywhere for multiple languages. Despite this, we really enjoyed it and found the views from the top of the towear were magnificent. It’s definitely worth a visit, however it is not the easiest of attractions to get to. 

It started to rain (again!) whilst we were at Holmenkollen so when we got the metro back to the city centre, we decided to go for a meal as we still had plenty of NOK left. We went to a beef/steak house, that was reasonably cheap and is a well known brand in Scandinavia. Both of us really enjoyed what we had, especially for the price we had. We left there, and decided to go to a supermarket to buy some cakes for later in the day after our dinner, as well as buying some bread for dinner. We headed back to the apartment and sat on the balcony resting before making dinner and our sandwiches for our bus journey the next day, packed and tidied up. After packing and eating, we decided to watch some TV and then call it a day as we knew we had to be up early.

This morning we got up at 7:30, showered, ate breakfast and then left to catch the bus into the city. When we got into the city we had a drink in Espresso House, and then went and waited for our bus back to Copenhagen. We enjoyed our time in Oslo, especially getting to explore some museums, but we definitely feel like we need to see other areas of Norway like Voss and Bergen to appreciate Norway’s beauty, which we didn’t feel here in Oslo. 

We are now on our bus to Copenhagen, which has screens on the chairs in front, with access to films, music, tv etc. (it’s like being on a long haul airplane!) and even free hot drinks! I’ve even managed to watch ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ (I promise I’m 20, not 10)! Once in Copenhagen we have a hostel/hotel booked for the night before our flight out to Malta Monday night! We are sad to be leaving Scandinavia so soon, but are looking forward to our next adventure in Malta! 

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