Oulu, Jyväskylä, Vaasa and Umea: Travel, travel, travel, travel…

We left Oulu at 5am on Sunday morning, with a long walk from our AirBnb’s place to the bus station. Luckily we then knew where we were going. 

We arrived in Jyväskylä at 10:20am, where luckily our next AirBnb host had said we could go straight to his rather than hanging around with our bags. However, yet again,the host hadn’t quite been accurate about their location, so it was another long walk!! When we arrived, his room mate and her boyfriend (we assume) were there to welcome us and show us around. They left the house and we followed shortly behind to find a store/supermarket to buy food for dinner from…The slight issue with that was their flat was in the middle of nowhere in relation to the city, so we found all the supermarkets were closed on a sunday, or had shut down entirely. So, we took another long walk into the city. Just outside the supermarket, they were setting up for a World Ralley HQ site, so there were racing cars for Hyundai, Ford, Toyota etc! If we would have known, we would have tried to coincide our trip to Jyväskylä with the World Rally event.

In the supermarket, we bought pesto, chicken nuggets, hot dog sausages, cheese, juice, chocolate, biscuits, cappucino sachets, and macaroni pasta! So we headed straight back to the flat to put the items away, which very helpfully, the room mate had made us some space in the fridge. When we got back, for some reason, we couldn’t get the key to work in the door. Luckily, someone let us in, who happened to be the room mate’s sister. She was really friendly, and asked us where we’re from and also tried to help us get the wifi working (at no result) and offered us help with where things were to use in the kitchen. 

When she left, we made chocolate cappucinnos and ended up napping (which we seem to be doing a lot of). When we woke up, we showered and made dinner before falling asleep really early…once again, we really needed our sleep!

Monday morning, we allowed ourselves to have a bit of a lie in, before walking into Jyväskylä for the day. We explored and then found a really nice coffee shop (as recomended to us by tripadviser). I had a hot chocolate (which really wasn’t very nice) and Alfie had a macchiato, however the highlight definitely had to be the cakes. We both had their signature chocolate mousse cake, and wow it was good…and a good job it was so nice at the price! 

We then wondered and came across a woodland park which had the stadium in, as well as the Natural History Museum with a nice clock tower, which unfortunately was closed when we passed. However, we still spent some time resting in the park before wondering around a bit more. Wondering eventually ended up with us in another supermarket (as usual), buying garlic bread, doughnuts and our favourite Finnish pastry of all, Pirkka Lihapasteija (we think it’s like a sausage roll but with more flavourings plus rice – if any one knows exactly what it is, please comment below!!). We sat and ate these by the waterside, making the most of the pastries as they will most likely be the last of our trip, as our time In Finland was soon to end. 

We slowly headed back and, yet again, ended up napping, eating dinner and showering. The only difference this time was that we also had to pack our bags before going to bed for the night.

After another reasonably early start, we made our way into Jyväskylä ready to collect our next bus, to Vaasa with a connection at Seinajoki, where we had 5 minutes to get off the first bus, collect our stuff and get onto another bus. 

When we arrived in Vaasa, we had to kill some time, so we started off by exploring the market in the main square. Yet again, we ended up getting a coffee in a small little cafe, where I watched them make our drinks using powder and a kettle…Very fancy…! From there we went and sat down for a while before finding somewhere for dinner. We decided to opt for a pizza place called Koti Pizza that originated in Vaasa, and buy two takeaway pizzas for us to eat before catching a transfer bus to the ferry port. 

Once we had checked in, we got onto the ferry and made our way straight to the bar where there was an abundance of chairs free, because everyone else was queuing for the various food outlets. I ordered a mocktail and Alfie ordered a beer and then a man with a few guitars and a harmonica started performing which added to the atmosphere of the bar. Another mocktail and beer later and the ferry was starting to dock. 

We got off and had to catch another transfer bus into Umeå Central where we had absolutely no idea where we were getting off…We made a good guess though and only had a 5 minute walk then to the hotel (yes we decided to get some luxury for one night). Our room was a standard, nice hotel room, which we ended up falling straight asleep in!

Yesterday morning, we woke up and went down for our buffer breakfast which even included bacon, pancakes and eggs…a much better selection than the Stockholm ship! I even had my first cup of tea since our travels started! Once we were ready, we headed back to our room. Luckily, we had requested a longer check out because of our next bus not departing until after 8pm, so we didn’t have to leave our room until 1pm. This allowed Alfie to upload his next video (link at the bottom) and for me to shower and pack the final bits. 

When we left, we found the main square where an act was performing as part of Umeå Live, so we sat and listened for a while before finding somewhere to have a coffee. We ended up having vanilla latte’s at ‘Wayne’s Coffee’. After ‘Wayne’s Coffee’, we went to explore and found a sunny grass area where loads of people were eating picnics and sun bathing, so we decided to join them and pass the time for a while. 

After ‘catching some rays’ for a while, we headed to a supermarket to pick up some food for the overnight bus journey, before once again sitting to listen more musicians as part of the Umeå Live event. By this point, a big crowd had joined the front of the stage and were singing along…Unfortunately for us, all the lyrics were in Finnish and we didn’t know the songs, but we did appreciate the sound of the music!

We decided to have dinner in ‘MAX’ as an alternative to McDonalds, and by recomendation of one of my friends. I throughouly enjoyed my chicken and bacon burger, however Alfie had to be more selective of his choices due to allergies, so he wasn’t quite so impressed! 

After dinner we went back to the square and chilled out for a short while before finding the bus station to catch our night bus to Stockholm. 

We arrived back in Sweden, in Stockholm this morning, just after 5am, with very little sleep! We’ve spent the morning sat in the central train station, people watching, and also drinking coffee’s in Espresso House. Our next AirBnb host has kindly let us check in at 12 so we will soon be heading there.

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